Product Deletions

The following products are no longer available for purchase at Agline:

October 22nd 2021
SB0308 – Avione Calcium & Iodine Bells 12pk
SB0507 – Avione Calcium & Charcoal Bells 12pk
SD2680 – Australian Salmon Skin 500gm
SD2681 – Australian Shark Tails 10pk
SD2682 – Australian Shark Jerky 500g
SD2711 – Beef Ears Asstd Sizes Ctn 100
SOZ-TCCM180 – Tropical Cichlid Carnivore Pellet 180g
SOZ-TCCS90 – Tropical Cichlid Carnivore Pellet 90g
SOZ-TGA45 – Tropical Green Algae Wafers 45g
SOZ-TS50 – Tropical Supervit Tropical 50g
77170 – Fidos All Breeds Vitamin Tablets
DLBP-20 DOGlite batteries
All HoundHouse Kennel sizes

October 6th 2021
Advance Adult Dog Large Breed Chicken – 8kg

September 22nd 2021
All Ivory Coat Shampoo/Conditioner/Fragrance products.

September 16th 2021
All Dine cat wet food

September 7th 2021
KCL4 KONG Cat Laser

August 31st 2021
Balanced Life Lamb – 1kg & 3.5kg
Balanced Life Chicken Companion Treats

August 29th 2021
Snooza Cuddler Elk – Medium
Snooza Igloo Oslo – Small

July 29th 2021
SNCDBLOE – Snooza Cuddler Blossom – Extra Large (other sizes presumably to follow)

July 23rd 2021
KCA424 – KONG Purrsuit

July 22nd 2021
Balanced Life Kangaroo – 1kg and 3.5kg
Balanced Life Salmon – 1kg and 3.5kg
LifeWise Single Animal Protein – Lamb – 2.5kg and 13kg
LifeWise Single Animal Protein – Fish – 2.5kg and 13kg

July 16th 2021
Billy + Margot Lamb & Chicken – All Sizes

June 28th 2021
SNCDELL – Snooza Cuddler Elk – Large

June 3rd 2021
PS265 – Petstages Medium Crunchcore
BM261901 – Billy + Margot G/F Puppy Chicken 1.8kg
S1561 – Nerf Tire Squeak Ball 2.5″

June 1st 2021
Snooza Chaise Lounge Smoke – Large

May 28 2021
PS256 – Petstages Durable Twist Med
S1567 – Nerf Tire Squeak Football 4″ Small

May 25 2021
25519 – Blackmores Paw Sensitive Skin Conditioner 200ml
DLCC-RL – Doglite Collar Red Nite 48-60cm Large
H2975 – Hills Dog Perfect Weight Chk & Veg Entree Cans 12x363g
LW12013 – Lifewise Dog SAP Fish & Rice Oats & Veg 13kg
S1582 – Nerf Tire Feeder 3.5″ Medium

May 24 2021
NB00034 – Natures Best Small Parrot Mix 1.75kg
NB41402-1 Scruff Noodle Mat
NB42502 – Playmate Dog Jumper Blue Stripe 30cm
NB42505 – Playmate Dog Jumper Blue Stripe 40cm
NB42505 – Playmate Dog Jumper Blue Stripe 45cm
PS740 – Petstages Cat Night Time Catnip Rolls
S1529 – Nerf Teether Football Small

April 22 2021
SN038BL – Snooza Big Dog Bed Junior Black Ripstop
51808 – Dine Tender Chicken & Cheese

April 11 2021
SN117 Igloo Silver Paws – Large

March 29 2021
PS647 Petstages Floppy Shark
All zero-stock Playmate and Scruffs dog clothing

March 12th 2021
NB00022 Natures Best Large Parrot Mix

March 11th 2021
25515 PAW Blackmores Sensitive Shampoo 200ml
T9524 Nyla Bone

March 10th 2021
DLCC-BS DOGLite Colour Code L.E.D Collar – Blue – Small

February 25th 2021
30008 Passwell Fruit & Nut 10kg

February 24th 2021
28664 PAW Blackmores Classic Care Shampoo – 200ml

February 23rd 2021:
SN234 Snooza Durobed

February 17th 2021:
29807 Blackmores Paw Fish Oil 200ml
40240 Cooling Mat Small
B1020616 Aqua Leather Collar 32mm x 60cm
B5000601 Beau Pets Webbing lead 25mm x 105CM Black
KDK2 Kong Dental With Rope
N16857 Petlife Halti blue small
PS331 Petstages Green Magic Boomerang
SN017 Snooza Dog Bed Flea Free replacement Cover Mini
SN018 Snooza Dog Bed Flea Free Replacement Cover Small
SN217 Snooza Active Walker
KRD12 Kong Dangler Giraffe
S1550 NERF Flyer