Product Deletions

The following products are no longer available for purchase at Agline:

January 30th 2023
KRA11 KONG Aloha Turtle Large/X Large
NB25218 Patchwork Pet – Blossum the Skunk 10″

January 24th 2023
KCK1 KONG Aqua Large
20905 Coprice Premium Layer Pellets 25kg
Inaba (all products as stocks are depleted)
77056 Fido’s Natural Shampoo 250ml

January 20th 2023
A60216 Andis DIY Grooming Kit

January 19th 2023
P490905 Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl – Large Blue

January 18th 2023
51531 Supercoat – Adult Dog Active 18kg
51005 Bonnie – Adult Dog – Complete 20kg
51006 Bonnie – Adult Dog – Working Dog 20kg
TP12846/7 Peerless for Pets Carob Peanut Clusters
BDB640 Black Dog Oven Baked Carobics 500g

January 12th 2023
NB41355-1 & NB41352-1 Scruffs Florence Box Bed Pink
NB41428-1 Scruffs Florence Mattress Pink

January 5th 2023
KZY32 KONG Cozie King Lion Small
All Fish range
HTDUNICORN Huds & Toke Rainbow Unicorns Box of 24

January 3rd 2023
CL025 Aristopet All Wormer Paste Cats 5.12gm

December 15th 2022
KRA32 KONG Aloha Gecko – Small/Medium

December 7th 2022
P49-SB03781 Scream Round Pet Bowl 350ml Medium
B892014 Beau Pets Gentle Leader Headcollar Small Fawn

December 6th 2022
KKPT21 KONG Puppy Tyres Small/Medium
51006 Bonnie Working Dog 20kg

December 5th 2022
SD2485P Rawhide Retriever Rolls – Pork – Large – Pk10
SD2674 Hoki Fish Jerky – 500g
SD3012/14/16 Percell Tie Out Chain
SD3020 Percell Tie Out Cable with Swivel Snap

December 1st 2022
SNCDELS Snooza Cuddler Elk – Small

November 22nd 2022
F8820 Spunky Pup Clean Earth Lobster Small

November 21st 2022
NB25232 Patchwork Pet – Calvin Cow 24″
NB25219 Patchwork Pet – Colby Mouse 10″
NB25210 Patchwork Pet – Xmas Ornaments Caterpillar 43″

November 8th 2022
77076 Fido’s Fleatrol Plus 250ml

November 1st 2022
77196 Fido’s Styptic Powder 15g

October 31st 2022
KASB2 KONG Airdog Squeaker Bone Medium
KPE1 KONG Quest Bone Large
KPE3 KONG Cat Treat Ball
KPEP11/31 KONG Rewards Shell Small & Large
KPSW11 KONG Chewstix Bone Large
KRWZ21 KONG Woozles Blue

October 24th 2022
IN0081 Inaba Churu Bites Recipe Wraps Chicken w/ Cheese 8 x 12g

October 18th 2022
25352 Blackmores Paw: Nutriderm Duo Pack x1 Shampoo 200ml 1x Conditioner 200ml

October 10th 2022
PS224 Petstages Orka Mini Chew Toy Pine Cone Blue

October 5th 2022
30003 Passwell Mixed Rabbit x8, Rat & Mouse x8, Guinea Pig x8

October 4th 2022
V203 Vets All Natural Health Chews Training Treats
V202 Vet’s All Natural Health Chews Joint Support 270gm

September 28th 2022
NB41433/4 Scruffs Cozy Box Bed Grey

September 20th 2022
25352 Blackmores Paw NutriDerm Duo Pack
29428 Blackmores Paw Dermoscent Bio Balm 50ml

September 13th 2022
SNCDLPL – Snooza Cuddler Leopard – Large
NB25210 Patchwork Pet Christmas Ornaments Caterpillar 43″

September 6th 2022
RSPPA11-14766/67/68 Staywell Sliding Glass Door Small/Medium/Large
RS730EF Staywell Pet Door – 715 Original – Small – Brown – Shoulder width 16.2cm – 7kg – Cats, Small Dogs
RS775EF Staywell Pet Door – 715 Original – Large – Brown – Shoulder width 29cm – 45kg – Large Dog

September 1st 2022
IC261853 Ivory Coat Grain Free Turkey & Duck 13kg
71004 Combined Dressing 9cm x 10m
72050 Sykes Big-L Poultry & Pig Wormer 10ltr
73425 Dermcare Permoxin Rinse 250ml
73429 Betadine Antiseptic Solution 4.5ltr
77100 Fido’s Hydrobath Flush Disinfectant 20ltr

August 18th 2022
KPCT1 Kong Squeezz Tennis Balls Large 2pk
KPE3 Kong Quest Bone Small Assorted Colours

August 17th 2022
KCB4 Kong Cat Wild Tails
KRSZ22/23 Kong Shieldz Armadillo & Anteater

August 12th 2022
30000 Passwell Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat & Mouse Delight – 24 x 40g

August 10th 2022
VAL8420/24/26 All Valuheart – Heatworm Tablets for Dogs
Blackmores – Paw Essential range
KKD1 Kong Dental Stick Large
KPSBX Kong Squeezz Ball Extra Large
77082 Fido’s Creme Conditioner 20ltr
77026/27/28 Fido’s Dimmitrol Heartworm
77058 Fido’s Natural Shampoo 5ltr
77155 Fido’s Odour Eliminator 500ml
77050 Fido’s Topizole Medicated Shampoo 5ltr
77070 Fido’s White & Bright Conditioner 5ltr
77063 Fido’s Gentle & Mild Shampoo 5ltr

July 6th 2022
All DogLite products

June 29th 2022
SNCDCOSE – Snooza Cooling Cuddler Extra Large
SNTCBLP – Snooza Cat Bed Leopard

June 23rd 2022
29805 Blackmores PAW Cosequin DS 60 Capsules

June 20th 2022
NB41427-1 Scruffs Florence Mattress Grey – 100cm x 70cm
B87012 Beau Pets Chain Choker Collar Fine 2.0mm x 40cm

June 17th 2022
Beau Pets – Dog Boots – All sizes

June 15th 2022
PAW010 Pawsome Organic – Dog – Pumpkin & Tumeric Treats – 200g
P93-ZPP01990 Zippy Paws – Meerkat Den Burrow – 16.5 x 16.5cm

June 14th 2022
77094 Fido’s Friend – Bunny Bath – Shampoo & Conditioner – 250ml
AD374950 Advance – Adult Dog – Active – All Breed – 7kg
HTDPINKGB Huds And Toke – Gift Box Mixed – Pink
NB41351-1 Scruffs – Florence Box Bed – Grey – 60 x 50cm
NB41354-1 Scruffs – Florence Box Bed – Grey – 90 x 70cm
SD2650/1/2 Deer Antler Pieces Bulk 1kg
SS12320/1 Superior Steel Kennel Top for Framed Beds

June 10th 2022
SNCDELE Snooza Cuddler Elk – Extra Large

June 8th 2022
Snooza Buddy Bed Oslo (all sizes)

June 6th 2022
KPJ13 KONG Jaxx Triple Barrel
KPJ12 KONG Jaxx Infinity Tug
KTMB1 KONG Jumbler Ball – Large
KTMB2 KONG Jumbler Ball – Medium

June 2nd 2022
Entire Stance range

May 31st 2022
HTD825 Huds & Toke – Unicorn Biscuit 3pk
HTD806 Huds & Toke – Little Doggy Donuts 4pk
P55-HT0602 Huds & Toke – Little Birthday Biscuit 10cm single-pack.
HTD826 Huds & Toke – Crazy Bones 4pk
HTDPINKGB Huds & Toke – Pink 4-Biscuit Gift Pack

May 18th 2022
AI0006 Fuzzy Friends Plush Crocodile

May 12th 2022
SN296 Snooza Orthobed Mock Lambswool – Large – Natural

May 10th 2022
SN296B Snooza Orthobed Mock Lambswool – Large – Brown
SN280/81 Snooza Cat Scratch Pole – 50cm & 70cm

April 22nd 2022
BM101500 Billy + Margot (Grain Free) Chicken Casserole – 12 x 400g
BM101501 Billy + Margot (Grain Free) Lamb Casserole – 12 x 400g

April 21st 2022
SNCDLPS Snooza Cuddler Leopard – Small

April 12th 2022
SNSOS Snooza Snuggler Oslo Small

April 8th 2022
PAW011 Pawsome Organic Dog Treats – Coconut & Kale 200g
PAW013 Pawsome Organic Dog Treats – Hemp & Rosemary 200g

April 6th 2022
V051 Balanced Life Companion Treats – Cat Kangaroo 85gm
V053 Balanced Life Companion Treats – Cat Salmon 85gm
GR086 Greenies Value Pack (Grain Free) Regular – 1kg

April 5th 2022
BDBC105 Black Cat – Cat Treats Liver Slices – 45g
BDBC104 Black Cat – Cat Treats Chicken Tenders – 45g
BDBC102 Black Cat – Cat Treats Delights Lamb – 60gm
BDBC101 Black Cat – Cat Treats Delights Kangaroo – 60gm
BDBC100 Black Cat – Cat Treats Delights Chicken – 60gm
BDBC103 Black Cat – Cat Treats Delights Fish – 60gm

April 4th 2022
SNSOL Snooza Ortho Snuggler Oslo – Large
IN0091 Inaba Dog Churu – Chicken
IN0090 Inaba Dog Churu – Chicken with Salmon
IN0063 Inaba Cat Grilled Tuna Fillet – Homestyle
IN0063 Inaba Cat Grilled Tuna Fillet – Calamari
IN0063 Inaba Cat Grilled Tuna Fillet – Crab
IN0063 Inaba Cat Grilled Tuna Fillet – Shrimp
IN0051 Inaba Cat Grilled Chicken Fillet – Crab
IN0053 Inaba Cat Grilled Chicken Fillet – Scallop
IN0054 Inaba Cat Grilled Chicken Fillet – Shrimp

March 31st 2022
SNBOM Snooza Buddy Bed – Oslo – Medium

March 29th 2022
BM261805 Billy + Margot Superfood Chicken 9kg

March 17th 2022
GR090 Greenies Dental Chews (Multi Variety Pack) Teenie – 1kg
GR091 Greenies Dental Chews (Multi Variety Pack) Petite – 1kg
GR092 Greenies Dental Chews (Multi Variety Pack) Regular – 1kg
GR093 Greenies Dental Chews (Multi Variety Pack) Large – 1kg
ALP62.213 Stainless Steel Bowls 300ml

March 16th 2022
SN155 Snooza Dog Bed Buddy Silver/Black Paw – Small

March 15th 2022
SNSOM Snooza Ortho Snuggler – Oslo – Medium

February 25th 2022
SNONESOHS Snooza Ortho Nestler – Soho – Small

February 18th 2022
AD383695 Advance Adult Dog Retriever 7kg
Ad383697 Advance Adult Dog Shepherd 7kg
GR084/5/6/7 Greenies Dental Chews Value Packs GRAIN FREE 1kg
PS257 Petstages Durable Twist Large
SNCOSL Snooza Cocoon Dog Bed Large Grey
SNCOSS Snooza Cocoon Dog Bed Small Grey

February 9th 2022
BHC501 – Black Hawk – Cat Wet – GRAIN FREE – Chicken with Lamb – Jelly – 12 x 85g
BHC503 – Black Hawk – Cat Wet – GRAIN FREE – Chicken with Tuna & Ocean Fish – Gravy – 12 x 85g
BHC504 – Black Hawk – Cat Wet – GRAIN FREE – Chicken with Beef & Lamb – Gravy – 12 x 85g

February 2nd 2022
Balanced Life Lamb – Food & Treats (V057 and V058)

January 27th 2022
Snooza Traveller Small & Large (codes SNTVL & SNTVS)
Snooza Cuddler Dune (replaced with Wheat)