Terms and Conditions

Agline Standard Trading Policy from Monday 20 September 2021

Minimum Order Value:
As a wholesale distributor, we deal in bulk quantities and the economies derived from volume are critical to our business. We therefore need to introduce a minimum viable order value.

• Orders placed by telephone or fax will need to have a value of not less than $500.00 (+GST)
• Orders placed online at www.agline.com can be handled more cost effectively and have a lower minimum order value of $250.00 (+GST).
• There is no minimum order for Dropship orders.
• The minimum order value for orders requiring interstate shipping is $500. Interstate customers are responsible for organising their own freight.

(Remember that the online Shopping Cart will hold goods indefinitely, so orders can be built over time and then submitted when the minimum order value has been reached.) Assistance with using the website can be obtained by telephoning (08) 8262 5311.

Add-ons: There will be no minimum value for an addition to an order already placed, but not yet collected, or dispatched.

Credit Accounts:
Generating and mailing statements of account each month for small amounts of money is not cost effective. As a result, we have had to introduce a minimum monthly spend.
• New credit accounts will be available only to those customers who have a proven average monthly spend exceeding $4,000.00 (+GST)
• Full payment of new accounts will be due no later than 14 days from date of invoice.
• Existing customers with credit accounts will be able to retain their accounts providing their minimum monthly spend remains around $2,000.00 (+GST), and
• Full payment of the monthly statement of account is received within the time period already agreed with Agline.
Customers without credit accounts will need to pay for their orders prior to collection or dispatch. Payment may be made with a Visa, MasterCard, or debit card, or via electronic bank transfer. (Payments made by electronic bank transfer must be received into our account before goods are released.)

Collection / Dispatch Times:
Monday to Thursday: 8.00am – 4.00pm / Friday: 8.00am – 3.30pm
As stated previously, volume is essential for a wholesaler to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness. In order to ensure that customers making reasonably sized purchases from Agline can be guaranteed our best possible turnaround, orders will be prioritized as follows:
• Orders of $500.00 (+GST) or above will continue to be available for collection, or dispatch 3 hours from receipt of the order. (11am the following day if placed online outside business hours or 11am on Monday if placed online during the weekend).
• Orders under $500.00 (+GST) will be available for collection, or dispatch from 8.00am the following day. (Allow one full business day for processing if order is placed online outside business hours.)

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Confidentiality and Privacy
Prices and other customer specific information are to remain confidential and must not be divulged to any third party. In turn, Agline respects customers’ privacy and is committed to maintaining it. Through the use of appropriate software and procedures, Agline undertakes to use its best endeavours to keep safe, all customer specific and confidential information and to prevent access by third parties.

Agline is a registered trade mark. The name Agline and any other intellectual property cannot be used unless written permission is given by Agline.

Agline will not be responsible for and does not guarantee uninterrupted use of the Agline website and other sites linked to the Agline website. Agline has no guarantee that searches made on the Agline website will be timely, secure, or error free. Whilst Agline will use its best endeavours to provide a virus free environment, users will be responsible for ensuring that their computers are protected from viruses and damage relating to internet website usage.

Linked Websites
Agline makes no representation or warranties whatsoever with regard to any websites accessed/linked through the Agline website. Agline is not responsible for the content held within linked websites, or any other website that links to Agline.

Limitation of Liability
Agline will not be held liable for information supplied to the Agline website by those companies and businesses who advertise on the website. Agline will not be held liable for those links accessed through the Agline website.

Online Ordering
The display of products on the Agline website is an invitation to treat and not an offer to sell those products to customers. An offer to buy is made by a customer placing an order for products. This is effected by the customer adding products to the virtual shopping cart and proceeding though checkout. Agline will not be bound unless and until the offer to buy is accepted. Goods are subject to availability. An email will be sent to the address previously entered by the customer on the Agline website notifying that the order is being processed. This communication does not constitute an order confirmation or an order acceptance by Agline. Unless customers have been notified that Agline does not accept the order, order acceptance and the creation of the contract to buy will take place on the despatch or collection of the goods from the warehouse. All goods remain the possession of Agline until payment has been received. Customers’ existing terms and conditions for delivery and payment will remain unchanged for orders placed through the Agline website.

All prices quoted by Agline do not include GST. Agline will endeavour to ensure that prices quoted for products on the Agline website are correct. In the event of any variation in descriptions or prices shown on the Agline website and descriptions and prices on Agline’s official inventory, the descriptions and prices on Agline’s official inventory will take precedence. Agline will try to contact the customer to ask for confirmation whether they wish to proceed with the purchase of the product at the correct price. If Agline is unable to do so, the order for that specific product will be treated as cancelled. Agline will not accept an order for a product if there has been a pricing error.

Special Promotions
From time to time Agline may have special promotions relating to products of the same type and description as those available on the main product list. An offer to buy a product on promotion and at the special promotion price must be made by adding that item to the shopping cart through the promotions section of the website. Failure to do so may result in the full price equivalent being supplied.

Special Orders
Non-stock items ordered specifically at customers’ request are not returnable.

Business Disclaimers
Certain information contained within the Agline website is based upon the information supplied to Agline by those businesses advertising, or whose products are offered for sale on the website and it is the responsibility of those businesses for the accuracy of that information or content. Agline accepts no responsibility for incorrect information supplied by those businesses.

Agline is a registered trade mark and is the trading name of Valend Nominees Pty Ltd.