New! Snooza Snuggler Cashmere

The ever-popular Snuggler is now available in beautiful, luxurious shades of Cashmere and Brown Chinchilla, two fabrics that pets absolutely love.

10+ New GiGwi Toys

Folks are LOVING GiGwi, so we’re already expanding the range. There’s the new “Rock Zoo” plushes, a catnip spray, and new Duraspikes and Catch & Scratch lines.

New! Hypro Chicken for Cats & Kittens

The new Hypro Premium Grain Free Chicken kibble is crafted for felines from carefully selected superfoods and 100% real, local Australian meat.

New! Snooza Self Warming Mat

This warming & soothing plush-cushioned mat uses self-warming technology, providing a warm and cozy spot for your dog or cat.

New! Snooza Calming Deep Sleeper Mink

Designed for dogs that aren’t yet in need of orthopaedic support, but need a bed with bolsters to rest their heads on, or snuggle into.

New! Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump

Minimal noise, maximum air flow. The Whisper Air Pump is designed to produce as little noise as possible, while providing powerful air flow.

New Dan & Sam Designs

We’ve added 40+ new Dan & Sam lines to our range, introducing new styles, colours and materials.

New! Barkley & Bella Designer Bowls

Barkely & Bella are renowned for beautiful designer bowls and slow feeders for dogs. Six designs in a variety of colours and sizes are now available.