Meals for Mutts Statement From Agline

The quality control issues affected Meals For Mutts are not limited to the recalled lines, and we have been extremely disappointed by their lack of communication, transparency and action in the six months prior to the recall when these problems first became apparent.

Meals For Mutts have still not acknowledged other alleged issues with their product, including plastic and metal fragments being found in their kibble.

As the safety of pets must be prioritised, we have decided to discontinue stocking Meals For Mutts and Meals For Meows products.

As one of our best-selling pet food brands, this is not a decision we have made lightly. Ultimately, the safety of our pets must override any business impact.

If you are currently stocking Meals For Mutts, please contact our friendly sales team to discuss transitioning to one of our substitute brands.

Product Recall Information

Dear Customers,

We have been advised that Meals for Mutts have issued a recall on a number of products.

Product may be returned to Agline for a refund. We expect a significant volume of credits will need to be issued, so we appreciate your patience as we work to process these.

If you have purchased Meals for Mutts stock with the following expiration dates, please remove it from sale immediately.

Grain Free Salmon & Sardine

2.5Kg 3/09/2024, 5/09/2024, 7/09/2024

20Kg 20/08/2024, 1/09/2024, 4/09/2024, 6/09/2024, 17/09/2024, 9/10/2024

9Kg 20/08/2024, 26/08/2024, 27/08/2024, 5/09/2024, 6/09/2024, 7/09/2024, 14/09/2024, 26/09/2024

Salmon & Sardine

20Kg 16/08/2024, 17/08/2024, 4/10/2024

9Kg 5/09/2024

Salmon & Sardine Large Size Kibble

20Kg 18/07/2024, 19/07/2024, 12/10/2024

9Kg 12/08/2024, 13/08/2024

Grain Free Duck & Turkey

2.5Kg 1/09/2024, 3/09/2024,4/09/2024

20Kg 4/09/2024, 7/09/2024, 20/09/2024

9Kg 3/09/2024, 4/09/2024, 5/09/2024

High Performance Turkey

20Kg 13/08/2024,

9Kg 13/08/2024