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Wombaroo – Kangaroo Milk (> 0.7)

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SKU Description PriceWeightStockQuantity
30084 Wombaroo - Kangaroo Milk (> 0.7) - 20kg - SPECIAL ORDER Login to view prices 0
30083 Wombaroo - Kangaroo Milk (> 0.7) - 10kg - SPECIAL ORDER Login to view prices 0
30082 Wombaroo - Kangaroo Milk (> 0.7) - 5kg Login to view prices 0
30081 Wombaroo - Kangaroo Milk (> 0.7) - 1.25kg Login to view prices 1.49 kg 13
30080 Wombaroo - Kangaroo Milk (> 0.7) - 250gm Login to view prices 0.3 kg 0

Four stages of kangaroo milk are available. The stage required is dependent on the developmental stage of the joey. The illustrations on the front of each packet provide a visual guide in determining the milk type to be used. The kangaroo milk replacers are suitable for all species of macropods including kangaroos, wallabies, bettongs and potoroos.

250g makes 1 Litre

*Please note SPECIAL ORDER refers to stock not held on hand but available for ordering in per supplier availability.