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Vet’s All Natural – Complete Mix – Puppy

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V103 Vet's All Natural - Complete Mix - Puppy - 15kg Login to view prices 15.24 kg 0
V101 Vet's All Natural - Complete Mix - Puppy - 5kg Login to view prices 5.05 kg 0
V100 Vet's All Natural - Complete Mix - Puppy - 1kg Login to view prices 1.03 kg 4

Fully balanced muesli style mix to add to fresh raw meat. Ensures dogs get everything they need at a low cost.

Dogs are not designed or equipped to properly digest and absorb cooked food. They have been evolving on this planet for 40 million years (more than 2000 times the entire history of human evolution) eating fresh food. Their mouths, teeth, stomach, intestines, organs and enzymes, are all evolved to masticate, process, digest and absorb raw food.