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Pooches n Cream – Shampoo – White

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74913 Pooches n Cream - Shampoo (See also Hydro Baths) Special Order Only for time being - 20ltr - White Login to view prices
74912 Pooches n Cream - Shampoo - 5ltr - White Login to view prices
74911 Pooches n Cream - Shampoo - 500ml - White Login to view prices
74910 Pooches n Cream - Shampoo - 250ml - White Login to view prices

A premium quality shampoo with a unique formulation designed to create a bright, white, glossy clean coat.
Contains shine boosters to brighten white and multi-coloured coats.
Removes yellow staining from all white areas to create a healthy glow.
Does not contain bleach or any other harmful agents.

Pooches n Cream is a new range of shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for dogs by one of Australia’s most respected manufacturers of pet care products.