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Greenies – Dental Chews – Value Packs

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SKU Description PriceWeightQuantity
GR080 Greenies – Dental Chews – Value Pack - Teenie - 1.02kg - Pk 130 Login to view prices 1.23 kg
GR081 Greenies – Dental Chews – Value Pack - Petite - 1.02kg - Pk 60 Login to view prices 1.21 kg
GR082 Greenies – Dental Chews – Value Pack - Regular - 1.02kg - Pk 36 Login to view prices 1.24 kg
GR083 Greenies – Dental Chews – Value Pack - Large - 1.02kg - Pk 24 Login to view prices 1.26 kg

New Greenies soluble formulation is designed to begin breaking down immediately upon contact with canine saliva. The chewy textures are clinically proven to control plaque and tartar build up significantly. They also accommodate the differing skull shapes and bite forces of dogs. Greenies dental chews meet the AAFCO nutrient profile for adult dog maintenance, so they are complete and balanced. Greenies are the daily dental chew with the great taste that all dogs’ love.

What size?
Large: For dogs 22kg – 45kg
Regular: For dogs 11kg – 22kg
Petite: For dogs 7kg – 11kg
Teenie: For dogs 2kg – 7kg