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Enzyme Wizard – Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner

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EWTB20L Enzyme Wizard - Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner - 20L - SPECIAL ORDER Login to view prices 20.5 kg 1
EWTB10L Enzyme Wizard - Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner - 10L - SPECIAL ORDER Login to view prices 10.5 kg 1
EWTB5L Enzyme Wizard - Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner - 5L Login to view prices 5.2 kg 4
EWTB1LRTUE Enzyme Wizard - Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner - Empty Spray Bottle - 1L Login to view prices 0.49 kg 3
EWTB750ML Enzyme Wizard - Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner - Spray Bottle - 750ml Login to view prices 0.800 kg 6

Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner for all hard surfaces such toilet bowls, sinks, baths and tiles. Its penetrating action removes calcium deposits from sinks toilets.
The foaming spray head ensures that the cleaning formula adheres to the toilet bowl surface. Deodorizes by dissolving the organic source of the odour. Replaces the need to use bleach in the bathroom.
Soap-free, it leaves no residue, so will not attract dirt and grime and will not streak on any surface.

Enzyme Wizard is manufactured in Australia and is an Australian owned company

Concentrated: The 1 litre spray container is ready to use for general bathroom cleaning. The large containers should be diluted.

Safety: pH neutral, completely safe for children, pets, even when wet. Gentle for allergies, asthma and skin irritation. Bio-degrades completely and is designed to discharge down the drain where the enzymes continue to attack built up waste.

Ideal for removing toilet stains and odours, limescale, and for maintaining general cleanliness and hygiene in toilets and bathrooms.

Enzyme Wizard produces a range of natural, plant-based enzyme cleaning products for the home, commercial and hospitality markets. Their products are not just environmentally friendly, they outperform chemical cleaners.
The enzymes in the Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner break down all organic matter including urine, faeces, soap scum and limescale into their basic elements, mainly carbon and hydrogen that integrate with the environment instead of polluting it.

Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner is designed for use on all hard surfaces such toilet bowls, sinks, baths and tiles. Containing no caustic ingredients, surfaces will not be damaged and the surface of toilet bowl will not become pitted.
Being soap-free, the product will leave no residue, so no rinsing will be required and the streak free surface will not attract dirt and grime.
Ideal for use with septic tanks as the enzymes assist the natural bacteria in break down waste material.
The enzymes eliminate biofilm (Please click on Tab below for details)

Ingredients: Water, Enzyme Wizard enzymes blended from plants, surfactant and fragrance.

What is Biofilm?
Bacteria have an automatic mechanism by which they adhere to surfaces and to each other. They form communities and secrete a defensive, protective layer around themselves called of biofilm. Behind this protective layer, they are able to feed and multiply.
Biofilm is a community of bacteria encased in extra-cellular polymeric substance (EPS), often referred to simply as slime. Biofilm can form on any hard surface and will build up over time. Disinfectants are unable to penetrate the biofilm and this allows pathogens to flourish leading to contamination. Many commercial environments struggle to break-down the biofilm, allowing contamination to occur on any type of surface, especially in food preparation areas, food production machinery, filters, and pipes.
The use of aggressive chemicals such as caustic soda and bleach have been traditionally used to try to eliminate biofilm, but they are not completely effective. They also corrode materials and machinery, endanger users, and negatively impact the environment.
Enzymes are a more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly option.
It is a two-step process:
First, a multi-enzyme cleaning / detergent procedure is implemented. The enzymes act specifically on the EPS that forms the structure of the biofilm allowing the detergent to remove the biofilm.
Second, a disinfectant is used that can now reach and kill all of the exposed bacteria.
Unfortunately, some organisations are reluctant to switch from their traditional cleaning methods to an enzymatic and environmentally safe solution. Their established cleaning procedures need not change fundamentally. This is because the two stage, enzymatic procedure will only be needed periodically to keep the biofilm under control.

How to Use:
Do not mix Enzyme Wizard All Purpose Surface Spray with any bleach, oxidisers, or other chemicals as this will de-activate the enzymes.
It is recommended that when starting to use Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner, new micro fibre cloths, toilet brushes, or other equipment should be used. This is because any residual soap, or chemicals will adversely impact the effectiveness of the enzymes.
For general cleaning, dilute Enzyme Wizard Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner at a ratio of 10:1. Spray the surface to be cleaned and wipe, preferably with a clean micro fibre cloth.
For sanitary ware with an excess build-up of stain or limescale spray the surface with undiluted Bathroom / Toilet Cleaner and use a toilet brush and scrub down the surface. Do not flush. Allow the surface to air dry slowly in order to give the enzymes longer to work.
For badly soiled tiles, spray the solution on to the affected surface and then scrub with a soft brush. It is important not to use a hard brush as the bristles of a hard brush will not be able to get down into the grouting which will be lower than the surface of the tile.