Customer Orders Policy

Add Ons

Because of the increase in the frequency of customers requesting Add Ons, we have unfortunately been forced to introduce cut-off times and fees.

We understand you may sometimes have late requests from your customers, but please try to ensure your order is complete when you place your order with Agline.

“Add Ons” refer to any request to add an item to the original order.

No product can be added:

Once your order has been picked, packed and invoiced.

If your order is palletised, and has been wrapped and capped, or if it will compromise the integrity and stability of the pallet.

If the pallet has been picked, or is in the process of being picked and the Add On item requested will result in re-stacking the pallet.

Fees for Add Ons:

If an Add On is “crucial” there may be fees for processing and repacking.

For pallet orders, the fees will range from $10 to $20, depending on the amount of work and time involved.

Smaller orders that are to be picked up or collected but are not palletised may incur a $5 processing and re-packing fee.

Other Changes

Pick Up/Collection – Orders not picked up within two weeks from invoice will be returned to stock and a re-stocking fee ranging from $5 – $20 will be charged.

Backorders – must be collected within 4 weeks from invoice.

“Special Order Items” – are non-returnable and may require payment in advance.