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Virbac – Ironcyclen Liquid – Special Order Only

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IRONCYCLEN LIQUID Iron Supplement with Copper and Cobalt for Greyhounds
Special Features Ironcyclen liquid provides a source of iron, copper and cobalt, the three principal minerals for blood production. Although iron is contained in the standard daily dose of Feramo-Greyhound used as a “foundation” supplement in the diet, additional blood forming minerals provided by daily doses of Ironcyclen are often required and beneficial to maintain an optimum blood count in a racing greyhound. Although red meats (beef, horse, mutton) contain between 2.0-2.4mg/100g of iron, white meats (chicken, fish, pork) contain only 0.6-0.8mg/100g of iron.
Ironcyclen liquid is a pH stabilised syrup, with sugar as a carrier, which ensures optimum absorption of its iron content. The inclusion of copper to enhance uptake of iron in forming haemoglobin, and copper as a trace-mineral for fermentation bacterial synthesis of Vitamin B12 compliment the benefits of the iron content product.