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Superior Steel – Super Pooper Scooper

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SS12862 Superior Steel - Super Pooper Scooper Login to view prices

New patented design

Key Features and benefits:
Heavy duty, all metal construction – powder coated tray and scraper blade – zinc coated handles.

Plastic bag is inserted through the centre of the Pan with handles hooked on wings on the two external sides of the pan; The interior of the pan is fully covered so it remains completely clean with daily use – and there is no back plate to the pan. Waste is scraped directly into the bag – when finished the user simply holds the Super Pooper Scooper over the Rubbish bin – unhooks the bag off the side wings and the bag falls through the open back into the bin.

The Super Pooper Scooper can be used with any degradable or non-degradable bags, even used shopping bags, so long as they have a 20cm opening capacity. Both the Pan and the user remain completely clean and the waste is appropriately disposed.

The Super Pooper Scooper is delivered assembled with the standard scraper to be attached. A courtesy pack of 5 degradable waste bags is included.

Replacement dog waste bags available