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Ranvet – Folactin Red

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When it comes to achieving optimum levels of performance, a horse’s legs really are its heart and soul. If its legs go, if a joint fractures, then all the courage, and all the will to win in the world will not take it to victory.
Anyone who has trained a horse will tell you that a horse is only as good as its legs.
When a prospective buyer inspects a horse the first test it must pass is the “leg test”. The joints must be sound, the legs must be clean, with plenty of bone and no lumps or bumps! If a buyer or trainer starts with the legs, then that’s where you as a breeder should start – the legs!
What goes into building legs like steel?
Two factors are absolutely essential for the development of good boned, good legged young horses. The first is an adequate and balanced supply of the two essential bone-building ingredients namely, protein and minerals. Folactin Red provides the minerals.
The second is the right environment. Exercise stimulates bone growth and strength, especially in the legs. Good legged horses cannot be reared on “tennis courts”. A young horse requires undulating paddocks of sufficient size to allow maximum exercise.
However, one without the other is no good. You may have the ideal paddocks, but are you feeding the ingredients required for the initial formation, and overall strength, of bone?