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Passwell – Egg & Biscuit (was Canary Starter)

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SKU Description PriceWeightQuantity
30044 Passwell - Egg & Biscuit - 20kg Login to view prices 20.5 kg
30043 Passwell - Egg & Biscuit - 10kg Login to view prices 10.25 kg
30042 Passwell - Egg & Biscuit - 5kg Login to view prices 5.15 kg
30041 Passwell - Egg & Biscuit - 1kg Login to view prices 1.08 kg
30040 Passwell - Egg & Biscuit - 500gm Login to view prices 0.58 kg

Balanced nutrition for breeding birds. Contains high quality protein, polyunsaturated fats and added vitamins and minerals, providing all known nutrients required by breeding birds and their chicks. Superior formula than typical ‘egg & biscuit’ products.