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Husher – Training Muzzle

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The Husher is a very simple but effective training aid. It is made from stretchable elastic with webbing around the elastic to limit the expansion of the dogs. The elastic exerts a firm yet humane pressure around the snout, similar to that applied by a canine pack leader to maintain dominance.

When pressure is applied around their snout, the controlled expansion of The Husher tires the muscles very easily. After a few short barks, dogs find it easier and less tiresome not to exhibit nuisance behaviour.

This amount of pressure though still allows your pet to breathe (both front and back of the mouth), pant, drink and eat with ease.

The neck strap is attached at three points, which makes it very difficult for the dog to dislodge. The straps are attached to a buckle which clips at the back of the animals head.

Size 00 – Chihuahua
Size 0 – Pomeranian
Size 1 – Toy Poodle
Size 2 – Jack Russel
Size 3 – Schauzer
Size 4A – Doberman
Size 4B – Beagle
Size 5 – German Shepherd
Size 6 – Boxer / Poodle
Size 7A – Large German Shepherd
Size 8 – Great Dane
Size 9 – Rottweiller