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    Whimzees – Stix

    SKU description PriceWeightQuantity
    PPPRG130 Whimzees - Stix - Bulk Box 150 - Small Login to view prices 2.63 kg

    Whimzees – Veggie Ears

    SKU Description PriceQuantity
    PPWHZ209 Whimzees Veggie Ears - Pk 18 Login to view prices

    Whimzees – Veggie Sausages

    SKU description PriceWeightQuantity
    PPPRG109 Whimzees - Veggie Sausages - Bulk Box 30 - Extra Large Login to view prices 4.08 kg

    Whimzees – Hedgehog

    SKU description PriceWeightQuantity
    PPPRG125 Whimzees – Hedgehog - Bulk Box 30 - Large Login to view prices 2.15 kg

    Whimzees – Toothbrush Star

    SKU description PriceWeightQuantity
    PPPRG124 Whimzees – Toothbrush Star - Bulk Box 18 - Extra Large Login to view prices 2.49 kg