Update an existing product

Editing an existing product is largely identical to creating a new product, except you are replacing the existing data instead of adding information into empty fields.

The product editing interface is accessible by clicking the “Edit Product” button to the left of every product in the catalog. This button is only visible when logged in as a staff member.

Add a new variation

Go to the attributes page and expand the ‘Description” box. Type the description of the new variation to the existing variations, separated by a pipe symbol. Click ‘Save Attributes.’


Next, go to the Variations tab and click the ‘Go’ button next to ‘Add Variation.’

Select the newly added variation description from the dropdown menu:

Expand this newly created variation to add the price and SKU. Once the necessary information has been added, click the ‘Save changes’ button.

Save Changes

You must click the ‘Update’ button in the top right-hand corner in order to publish your changes on the website. Even if you have clicked ‘Save changes’ previously.