List of plugin code modifications

Expire Users

– Mark ‘Expire’ Actions as hidden with display: none;
– Remove link to ‘message text’ editor

– Remove the user notification from the array.

WooCommerce Print Invoice & Packing Slips
Line 53: Change order of items in array.
Line 169: Change order of items in array.
Line 117: Change ‘Invoice’ to ‘Pick Slip’

Notes: ‘Quantity’ should be before SKU and the ‘Invoice’ template is being used as a pick slip.

Add code to indicate if it’s a dropship order:

       //Print dropship user role if applicable
        $customer_id = $order->get_user_id();
        if (agline_is_user_dropship_customer($customer_id)) {
            echo '<h1>Dropship Order</h1>';
            echo '<p>This order has already been paid for at the time of order placement. Do not bill.</p>';
            echo '<p>Order placed by: <strong>' . agline_get_display_name($customer_id) . '</strong></p>';

Line 641: Remove the ‘Packing list’ menu items and rename the ‘Invoice’ items to ‘Order Details’
Line: 726: Change content menu title to ‘Pick List’


//Inject a purchase order number
$po_number = get_post_meta( $order->get_id(), '_po_number', true );
if ( $po_number ) {
echo '<h3>P.O. Number</h3>' . $po_number;

WooCommerce Variations Table

~line 1617: Remove everything in function under “//Display fields”

Remove the ‘data-price’ fields from the TD and TR fields so prices are properly hidden on the frontend.

Where the is_purchaseable class is added to the table row (tr)
Inject zero_stock and no_weight so we can use it with a CSS selector

'. ($varstock<1 ? 'zero_stock' : '' ) .' '. ($product_variation->has_weight() ? 'has_weight' : '' ) .'

WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway
~line 147: Change ‘on-hold’ to ‘processing’

$order->update_status( 'processing', __( 'Waiting to be processed', 'woocommerce-gateway-purchase-order' ) );