How to import a CSV file

Preparing the CSV file
– Columns must have names. The names can be of your choosing, for example SKU and PRICE.
– Files uploaded must be .csv format. Excel formats will be rejected.
– There cannot be erroneous data at the end or start of the file.

The list of prices must be formatted to two decimal places. It doesn’t matter if the prices have a currency symbol, it will be removed automatically when the file is uploaded.

Uploading the file
Click “CSV Import” on the admin dashboard’s sidebar.

1. Choose the CSV file to upload
2. Tick the “update existing products” checkbox.
3. Click “Continue”

Importing the file
1. Match the heading of the product code column with the ‘SKU’ item in the drop-down.
2. Match the heading of the product price column with the ‘Regular Price’ item in the drop-down.
3. Click ‘Run the importer’ and wait for completion. Any issues or errors will be reported.

Final notes
Do not interrupt the import process.