Create a new product

There are multiple ways to access the “Add New Product” screen. From the front-end, you can select the “Add New Product” option from the Staff Menu. It can be accessed from the dashboard via Products -> Add Product.

Product Creation Checklist

  • Add the product title
  • Select the product category
  • Upload the product image
  • Change product type to a “variable product”
  • Add the variation names as “description” attributes
  • Create variations based on attributes
  • Fill out prices and SKUs
  • Enter short product description
  • Click Publish

The ‘Add Product’ screen


Product Name
This is the name of the product group.

Product Data
Must be changed to “Variable Product.” Every product on the Agline website is variable, even if there are no variations. The remaining fields in the “General” section can be left unchanged.

Product Categories
Check one or more product categories from this list. If a product is included in a child category (such as Dry Dog Food) it will automatically be included in the parent category (Dog Products), so there is no need to manually select both options. The “Add New Product Category” link at the bottom of the list allows you to quickly create a whole new category.

Product Tags
Allows you to “tag” products with a keyword to group them together. You probably won’t use this feature and it will likely be hidden by default. The “Screen Options” button in the top right-hand corner will allow you to hide or show this box.

Product Image
This is the main image associated with the product. Clicking it will open the image upload screen, which allows you to select image files from your computer and drag and drop them into the website. You can also upload files through this screen without drag and drop by clicking “Upload Files” (top left) and then “Select Files.”

Once an image has been uploaded, simply select it and then click “Set featured image.”


Product Short Description
This is the product text the is shown when a customer clicks on “More Information.”

Creating Variations

Step 1: Create Attributes
The different product variations are created in the Attributes tab. First, select “Description” from the “Select product attribute” dropdown and then click “Add.”

Step 2: Add Attributes
Enter all variation titles, separated by a pipe symbol (|). Tick the “Used for variations” checkbox and then click “Save Attributes.”

Step 3: Create Variations
Switch to the “Variations” tab and select “Create variations from all attributes” from the drop-down menu. Click “Go.” You will receive a popup window asking for confirmation; simply click the positive option. In most web browsers, this will be “Okay” or “Continue.”

Step 4: Add variation data
Each variation will now be added to a list, with the title displayed in a drop-down on the left-hand side. Click anywhere to the right of this title and the variation will expand (or close) to allow you to edit the information associated with each variation.


The only fields that need to be filled out are “Price” and “SKU.” Each variation’s SKU must be unique or else the variation will be rejected.

Step 5: Save and Publish
Once all variation data has been added, click “Save Changes.” You can they either Publish the product or save it to Drafts from the publish box in the top right-hand corner.

Important Note
If a product in Drafts or Trash has the same SKU as a product you are trying to add, it will still be rejected. You must first go to Products -> Products and empty the trash or delete the applicable draft.