IMPORTANT UPDATE – Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

During these unprecedented times the demand for pet supplies over recent weeks has been enormous.  We have tried our best to satisfy the demand in a timely manner and have been working closely with our suppliers to try to ensure an uninterrupted supply.

Please note the following changes to our operation that take effect immediately:

To enable Agline to continue to buy product and in turn, to supply you and your customers, we have, along with many other businesses, temporarily changed our terms of business:

  • No orders will be released unless accounts are up to date
  • Orders will not be picked, or packed until a credit account has been brought up to date.
  • Payments for existing invoices will be due when they fall due.
  • Account terms may be changed at short notice

To help to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers, we have introduced changes to the method of receiving payments and pick-ups.  In order to minimise person to person contact, payments must be carried out in advance:

Please note that:  No cash payments will be accepted until further notice

Credit Card payments must be carried out by telephone prior to picking up your order

Direct bank transfers will be accepted only if an emailed copy of your bank remittance has been received by or a printed copy is presented on pickup

“Add Ons” will no longer be accepted at the office.  If you need to add on to your existing  order, this must be done in advance so that the order is complete at the time of pick up

Wherever possible you should remain in your vehicle in the car park.  On arrival, please telephone 8262 5311 from  your vehicle and your goods will be brought to you.

If it is absolutely unavoidable that you need to enter the office, physical distancing rules apply.  There is a limit of one customer in the office at any time

Orders may be delayed due to demand.  Please wait until Office Staff have contacted you before coming to pick up

Please do not pick up if you are feeling unwell

If you leave your vehicle, please adhere to the 1.5 metre distancing rule for the health and wellbeing of other customers who may be present and our storemen when your vehicle is being loaded

Please try to stay healthy and safe.

Kind regards,

John Hodges